Mouthpieces for Sale - Refaced and Perfected

These mouthpieces are refaced to provide improved tonal qualities, improved response and ease of playing

We buy mouthpieces.  Contact Steve for more information. 

We also provide mouthpiece refacing services - more information Coming Soon !!.

Mouthpiece Refacing

Initial Assessment

An Initial Assessment is performed soon after the mouthpiece is received to determine :

[1] it's condition (nicks, warpage, etc)

[2] The amount of work needed to bring the mpc up to the players specifications

[3] Client playing characteristics analysis to understand current playing nuances which may affect recommendations

The initial assessment fee is $10 which is applied towards refacing services.  Currently the Initial Assessment fee is waived

General Refacing - Base Rates

Base Rates include:

Soprano Clarinets  $25

Actual rates may vary depending on the initial condition of the piece and are quoted firm after performing an initial assessment.

The initial work done on all mouthpieces is to determine, through very minute measuring, how accurate the table flatness (or concavity); rail curve evenness; and tip rail and baffle are in respect to how the mouthpiece performs.  This analysis, with some extensive input by the player,  indicates the current state of the mouthpiece in relation to the respective requirements.  

The measurement of how flat the table is in relation to the curve of the rails may be related to if you have issues with sensitivity of the ligature placement and tightness then this is probably due to a flat table.  A flat table will make sure the reed is flat on the mouthpiece and that it properly is positioned in respect to the rails.

Tonal Quality, Response & Resistance Changes

Resistance - Certain mouthpieces may need throat modifications to decrease resistance, depending upon customer requirements.  Certain mouthpieces may need tip opening modifications, and some may require both tip opening and throat modifications.

Tonal Quality changes may involve tip opening, tip baffle, roof and/or throat modifications.

Throat Modifications generally Range from $5 to $25

Tip Opening changes generally range from $5 to $25

Tip Rail, Tip Baffle and roof modifications generally range from $5 to $25

Combinations of the above generally cost less then each feature separately.

Requested changes will have to be reviewed before any modifications.

Mouthpiece Shortening

We can shorten a clarinet mouthpiece by a few millimeters. We do this by shortening the tenon and the body so that it still fits perfectly into a barrel.  It is best to also have your barrel for a perfect fit.

Soprano clarinet mouthpieces $25

Beak gouges
Normally when I player plays without a toothpatch a small crevass may be etched into the beak.  We call fill this with a special epoxy and finish so that it is as good as new.  Generally from $10 to $35

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